My One And Lonely



I yelled throwing myself across the room. My feet hit the cold floor as I tiptoed around. I struggled to find my towel, quickly got dressed and lifted my bag.

‘‘Uh oh’, I did it again. Dropping everything, I began my hunt.

I was exhausted; I had spent an hour running around every crevice in the house, and another under my bed.

It was then that I decided that it was impossible to live like this. I was rather done with myself.

Though I did have one-half of it, I could not just leave it like that. I knew better than anybody what it felt like to have to adjust. We stared at each other in absolute numbness.

‘I did check everywhere, honest’, I whispered to it.

Lost, I took another glance across the room then looked at it.

My mom came rushing into the room – What are you looking for?

I looked up holding the lone warrior in my lap (not the one you may be thinking of). She understood.

She followed the same routine as I did, except rather miraculously. She had found it. She looked at me, sighed, and then threw it across the room. There it was – my complete pair of socks – the black sock to compliment my black sock.

Till the next time.


Author: asubtlemisuse

Find a story that matches yours - maybe for all the wrong reasons!

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