The Good Ol’ Days

‘Breathe in’ I had to keep saying to myself. ‘Follow, and listen to commands’

I had been trained for this day.

Putting on a blunt face, and taking control of the situation – I looked at the people around me. Everybody was eyeing each other with fear and anticipation.

We knew that once we would be given the signal, we would have to rush out there without thinking twice. We will have to face the noise for every mistake we make, and look every person in the eye – fearlessly.

Was I ready, for real? I do not think I know until date. However, what I do know is, it was a life-changing day.

All of us smiled at each other, helped each other, covered tracks for each other. It was a pleasure to watch and be a part of. I had myself forgotten a dance step on stage that day, but my parents simply applauded in the crowd.

There’s just something about annual days.


A Love Like No Other`

“Good morning, beautiful”, I looked at her, sighing.

I wonder how I got so lucky to be able to wake up to her face every morning.

“Give me a second”, I said to her, “I will be right back”. I rushed to the kitchen to make me some coffee, and grab some breakfast.

I had a list of things planned for the day. I had to drive myself to work, and then join my friends for a dinner. I was up and about in no time.

Giving her a kiss goodbye, I left the house and went to the bakery where I worked. I started with the dough and hummed while I shuffled with the bowl. I was so in love, oh.

Sometimes I would turn around, and I would feel her by my side.

As the shop shut close, I changed into something decent and headed out to meet my friends, where it was only she who was waiting for me!

It was a date. We had the best conversation ever. We talked about work, and life, in general. We laughed so much, I could see people turning their heads (to report us, probably).

As I got up to escort her out, she had already gotten into a cab and I saw her pass me by through the window. What just happened? Why couldn’t she wait for me? Why did she run away like that?

Flushed with red, I got home and there she was – standing in front of me.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? IS THIS SOME KIND OF A JOKE TO YOU?” I lifted my fist and aimed it at her face.

Ashamed, I looked at my bloody fist and then at the broken face, the mirror had found someone new, someone shattered.

I finally removed my wallet and confronted the prescription that read ‘Diagnosed – Narcissistic Personality Disorder’.