The Unforgivable Attack

Chaos, absolute chaos.
There was havoc everywhere. It was a nightmare to watch. Sparks were flying across the room and people were running, chasing, even hiding. I did feel somewhat responsible for this, but I did not have time to think about that just now.
I geared up and adopted my combat. I could see fire, injuries, yet hopefully no death. There were announcements being made, people being evacuated.
I had thought of making a run for it too, but I had hardly left myself much choice.
Gathering enough courage, I got up from the place where I was hiding and yelled – ‘STOP. RIGHT NOW’. As I stood shivering in my stance, there was absolute silence in the room. All of us stared at each other incessantly, till it broke out again.
I decided it was time to pull out the big guns. The force entered and everything was under control. The people got up, looked at us, and went back to doing their thing while the victorious mothers held on to their tornado excuse for children.
I apologized to the store manager and made my way out of the store never to return (because they made me sign an agreement).
Whose wonderful idea was it any way to bring five three year olds to the electronic store?