Is it the end? It is never the end

The sun was setting, the light dawning upon us – ‘So that’s it then?’ she asked in absolute numbness.

‘I believe so’, I nodded and sat down beside her.

‘It had been long anyway’, she looked down at the rock under her shoe. It was a funny thing. Many things drowned with the sun, but we were a poignant kind of happy. She rested her hand on my knee and we talked about everything we had been through together.

‘No more books and canteens then’, I laughed. I realized that as soon as we get up and begin to walk, we will be on a different journey, and this would be over.

‘It’s like the end of an era’ she did not sound happy, but she had always known that it had to end. Both of us knew. We could either be sad or be welcoming.

‘It will never be the end’ I comforted her.

We got up and began to walk. I sighed, it was almost pitch dark. I looked at her, and she at me. It was all over and both of us had accepted it. We are going to lead a different life now.

‘That rock looks great on you’, I wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

‘Thanks, on you too. I think I have a better choice than you’, she laughed.

‘I think I made the best choice’, I whispered. We had finally begun our new lives – together.



The Saga


He was there, again.

Following me everywhere I went. There was no one I could tell since they would not believe me. I could feel his shadows creep around me as I would sleep or wake up. He was messing with my head; I kept crying myself to sleep every night.

I thought of reporting him. But what was I supposed to say? I only THOUGHT that he was there, what if it were all but a coincidence?

Paranoia hit me like a storm.

I was wary and short of breath most of the times. I did not know what to do so I would act cold and distant.

Everyone around me was worried. They thought they could report him on my behalf, but I was going crazy. They had nothing to hold against him.

Finally one day, I found myself in the office being questioned.

‘So tell me, who do you think he is? Is there someone you think you may have a problem with?’ I heard a sweet female voice.

‘Yes’, I quivered, ‘It is terrifying, especially now, when I have so many things to do – he just won’t go away!’ I exclaimed.

‘Is he an ex-boyfriend, dear?’ The psychiatrist asked.

‘No’, I sighed. It was stress.

A Love Like No Other`

“Good morning, beautiful”, I looked at her, sighing.

I wonder how I got so lucky to be able to wake up to her face every morning.

“Give me a second”, I said to her, “I will be right back”. I rushed to the kitchen to make me some coffee, and grab some breakfast.

I had a list of things planned for the day. I had to drive myself to work, and then join my friends for a dinner. I was up and about in no time.

Giving her a kiss goodbye, I left the house and went to the bakery where I worked. I started with the dough and hummed while I shuffled with the bowl. I was so in love, oh.

Sometimes I would turn around, and I would feel her by my side.

As the shop shut close, I changed into something decent and headed out to meet my friends, where it was only she who was waiting for me!

It was a date. We had the best conversation ever. We talked about work, and life, in general. We laughed so much, I could see people turning their heads (to report us, probably).

As I got up to escort her out, she had already gotten into a cab and I saw her pass me by through the window. What just happened? Why couldn’t she wait for me? Why did she run away like that?

Flushed with red, I got home and there she was – standing in front of me.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? IS THIS SOME KIND OF A JOKE TO YOU?” I lifted my fist and aimed it at her face.

Ashamed, I looked at my bloody fist and then at the broken face, the mirror had found someone new, someone shattered.

I finally removed my wallet and confronted the prescription that read ‘Diagnosed – Narcissistic Personality Disorder’.