The Good Ol’ Days

‘Breathe in’ I had to keep saying to myself. ‘Follow, and listen to commands’

I had been trained for this day.

Putting on a blunt face, and taking control of the situation – I looked at the people around me. Everybody was eyeing each other with fear and anticipation.

We knew that once we would be given the signal, we would have to rush out there without thinking twice. We will have to face the noise for every mistake we make, and look every person in the eye – fearlessly.

Was I ready, for real? I do not think I know until date. However, what I do know is, it was a life-changing day.

All of us smiled at each other, helped each other, covered tracks for each other. It was a pleasure to watch and be a part of. I had myself forgotten a dance step on stage that day, but my parents simply applauded in the crowd.

There’s just something about annual days.