I Made It To The List

‘Are you sure you understand?’ She demanded, looking me dead in the eye. She has always known what she wants. We are both sailing in the same boat, except I never wanted to be in this boat.
‘Yes’, I said, wrapping my hair in a tight bun. I knew this was never something I had aspired to do, but not everybody receives what they dream of. I had accepted my life the way it was, and I was ready for it.
‘Don’t make any errors; we do not want to get caught. Just ask him to give you the stuff and be out. Are we clear?’ She asked me, almost whispering.

Both of us stared through the car windshield, then I spoke.

‘As water’, I nodded and turned around. I picked up the keys, sighed, and made my way out of the car.
Running, I entered and yelled – ‘GIVE IT TO ME’
It is then that I realized that I could not just waltz into a supermarket and demand for things.

Apparently, we have to find them for ourselves. That is when the real mission began. ‘What are artichokes even?’ I thought to myself.



Pulling the Thread

‘Hey’, my phone blinked.
‘I’d love if you wear that tonight. I know you are a little afraid, but you will have a good time if you know what I mean.’
I knew this night was going to come soon. We had become very close in the past three months.
I also knew that I owed him a lot, everything, perhaps. I picked up my pink crocheted purse and stuffed it in my breast pocket. I was apprehensive because I did not think that I could pull it off.
Staring at my wardrobe, I took it out and laid it on my bed.
I was nervous and excited at the same time. I was not sure if I was looking forward to it.
Feeling gutted, I stared at the dress and formed knots in my tummy. I breathed heavily then decided to just be confident and walk with it.
It was 9:00 pm. I put on the dress and left the house. I could feel people staring. I should have taken a coat with me. Confidence is key, I told myself, and I needed the money.
I finally reached the restaurant and stood outside with the wind slowly setting my hair.
Holding pamphlets in my hand, and making sure the hood does not blind me, I strutted around in my chicken onesie attracting a rather large crowd.
Exhausted, I glanced at the dreaded text again.
‘Yes, boss’, I replied.